Health Ministries


History of Adventist Health Ministries
Joseph Bates, as early as 1827 began working for the cause of temperance. But the first united move to start a temperance program came in 1863 with the organization of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
In the April, 1877 issue of the Health Reformer, Ellen White penned the words, "True temperance teaches us to abstain entirely from that which is injurious, and to use judiciously only healthful and nutritious articles of food."
Shortly after that the church organized the American Health and Temperance Association, which later became the International Health and Temperance Association. In 1893 the SDA Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association was organized for over-all guidance of the denomination's medical work, including temperance, with J. H. Kellogg, M.D., as president.
Later, an attempt of the General Conference to bring this more or less independent body into closer denominational control resulted in the withdrawal of the association from its denominational connection. In 1905 the Medical Missionary Department (or council) of the General Conference was organized. The temperance work, however, continued to be conducted primarily by the American Temperance Society, and later by a separate Temperance Department.
The Medical Missionary Department name was changed to the Medical Department at the General Conference and, in the late sixties, the name was changed to Health Department. In 1980, when departments were being down-sized, it was voted to combine the departments of Health and Temperance. Then in 1996 the North American Division recommended that the name Health and Temperance Department be changed to Adventist Health Ministries Department.
About Our Ministry
The Health Ministries department promotes and supports smoking cessation programs, stress management seminars, nutrition and cooking classes, hygiene and communicable diseases awareness.
The Health Ministries department in colaboration with the Community Services Ministries hosts a Free Health Fair & Community Day every 1st Sunday of the month throught the year for the Rancho Cucamonga community and vicinities.  Free health screenings in addition to free bread, clothing, food baskets and more are offered to those in need that attend the event.

The event is held in colaboration with the Community Services Ministry department and cooperates with other community organizations and churches by receiving and providing referrals to assist in meeting the needs of our community. 


We assist the community by providing them with free health screenings during the Free Health Fair & Community Day:


  • Blood Pressure 

  • Blood Sugar 

  • Audiology 

  • Dental Check-ups


Health Fair & Community Day Schedule

Every First Sunday of each month throughout the year

From 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Stella Ondieki