Pastor's Message


As a church family of Rancho Cucamonga we believe that a family that prays together stays together. This spirit of oneness is seen throughout our worship service and in all our church activities.  As a multicultural church community, we believe that we need to begin experiencing heaven while are still here on earth so that when we get there we will not have to deal with cultural shock. By upholding the Christ- centered lifestyle, and while we embrace social, cultural and ethnic diversity, we hope the world will know that we are the children of God and that Jesus is our brother and our Savior. 


As we welcome you to this website, we hope and pray that one of these days you will choose to be our special guest and enjoy worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth.


Yours in His Blessed Hope,

Themba Mhlambi Mzizi, Ph.D. and Mrs Winnie Fuzane Mzizi.